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Disseminating IWAMA results and outputs for the German stakeholders

The first national dissemination event took place on 28 February in Rostock, Germany, gathering over 75 participants representing water companies and wastewater treatment plants, academia and research institutes as well as technology providers and engineering companies.

The event provided thematic and functional background of the transnational IWAMA activities, and presented in details the achievements of German partners.

Current trends and future aspirations in the wastewater sector

The IWAMA project Final Conference organized on 30.1.–1.2. in Turku brought together more than 100 participants to discuss the wastewater sector and how to make it smart and efficient.

Check materials from the conference: presentations and the photo gallery are now available!

EVEL seminar

Seminar for operators: putting knowledge into practice

In the end of 2018, Estonian Water Works Association organized a seminar “Operators’ Experience” for the water and wastewater plant operators from its member companies.

Webinar 5

Co-operation and symbiosis models in wastewater treatment sector

The IWAMA 5th webinar was organized on 4 December to discuss co-operation and symbiosis models in the wastewater treatment sector.


IWAMA contributes to the platform cooperation

The IWAMA project joined the BSR WATER — Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation. The platform project funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme aims to enhance continuous cross-sectoral cooperation in smart water management providing a possibility for transnational experience exchange, sharing of good practices and solutions, as well as delivering comprehensive overview of the current and future policy contexts and their impacts in the BSR countries.

Exchanging experiences with Spanish water sector operators

In October, one of the most active IWAMA partners Estonian Water Works Association organised a study visit to Madrid, Spain to exchange knowledge, experiences and good practices with colleagues beyond the Baltic Sea Region.

Linnaeus Eco-Tech panel

Drinkwater crisis and wastewater resource: discussion among academia

The Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2018 Conference was organized  in Kalmar, Sweden on 19–21 November 2018, it aims at establishing cooperation among different actors in the Baltic Sea Region. The main attention of the event was focused on the matter of smart water resourcing raised as a topic in the context of the upcoming crisis of drinking water usage, signs of which are increasingly recognized in Sweden.

Audit meeting 3

Finalizing the energy and sludge auditing of the partner WWTPs

The plant operators and WP leaders from Technical University of Berlin and University of Tartu have gathered last week in Berlin to discuss the results, receive feedback and agree on contents of the Audit Reports that are part of the upcoming smart audit concept outputs. 

IWAMA Workshop in Gdansk

Overcoming operational challenges at the modern wastewater treatment plant

The IWAMA project has organized six extensive workshops throughout its duration, each focusing on a particular topic, recognized by partners as essential in the continuous process of capacity development in the wastewater treatment sector. The project covered subjects of energy consumption and production, sludge handling, reduction of nutrients – and most recently, existing challenges in maintenance of plants.


Evaluating energy efficiency and sludge treatment performance in the region

This summer we have published two massive project works: reports on key figure data collection in energy and sludge from wastewater treatment plants in the Baltic Sea Region.