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Closing the loop – nutrient reduction and recovery

The 5th IWAMA Capacity Development workshop was organized on 13-15 June 2018 in Kalmar, Sweden. The workshop focused on the topic recently trending: nutrient reduction and recovery in the wastewater treatment sector. Over 70 participants representing academia, research institutions, wastewater treatment utilities and private companies participated in the event.

Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Waterworks Associations managing directors

Operation and management in the Baltic water sector

The Baltic Water Works Conference was held in Palanga, Lithuania, on 23–25 May 2018. Discussion topics included drinking water risk assessment, changes in the legislation, sludge treatment and sharing of experiences in the operation of water and wastewater networks.

EUSBSR 9th Forum

Networking with Baltic Sea Region colleagues at the EUSBSR Annual Forum

The 9th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was organized on 4–5 June in Tallinn, Estonia. IWAMA project representatives took the opportunity to reach out to more than 700 other participants from the region with the information on project activities and achievements.

Lifelong learning program for WWT operators in Estonia

Two-year study program for wastewater treatment operators was launched in Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre in Estonia in September 2017.

Pre- and post-treatment on plants

The final webinar of the IWAMA project was organized on 9 April 2018. The webinar focused on the topic of Pre- and post-treatment, which was introduced by the specialists from Sweden and Germany.

Sharing experience and solutions at the Baltic Sea Day

The 19th International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” was held last week in St. Petersburg, Russia. Around 500 participants gathered on 22–23 March to discuss the environmental state of the sea and local and regional solutions to improving it.

Perspectives of smart sludge handling

The 4th IWAMA workshop on Smart Sludge Management was organized in Tartu, Estonia, on 8–9 February 2018. The workshop brought together more than 95 participants representing regional organizations, national ministries, universities and local practitioners to discuss sludge handling issues in the Baltic Sea Region.

Pilot investment in Kaunas

Energy optimization process on the Kaunas plant

Pilot investment on the Kaunas wastewater treatment plant is one of the largest in the IWAMA project. Installations on the plant have been ongoing since summer 2017, and will continue next year. We introduce you to the concept of the energy optimized control system constructed on Kaunas WWTP to support the smart energy management and reduction of nutrients.

Study tour to Portugal

Broadening horizons to the south

The Estonian Water Works Association goes to Portugal to learn the technologies applied there, as well as national regulations and water management structure.

Växjö Water Forum

Cooperation and connections on Växjö Water Forum

The IWAMA Water Forum took place on 23–24 October 2017 in Växjö, Sweden, and attracted almost 80 participants from cities, research institutions, water utilities and environmental centers. This event was focused on bringing attention to the needs of the water sector in the Baltic Sea Region and launching the online portal Baltic Smart Water Hub.