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Trends in enhancing the wastewater management

The third webinar of the IWAMA project series was organized on 25 September 2017. The webinar focused on the management and maintenance of WWTPs.

Seminar on reducing the negative impact in the Baltic Sea basin

Reducing the negative impact in the Baltic Sea basin

The Environmental Centre “ECAT-Kaliningrad” is one of the first IWAMA stakeholders that finalized their Baltic Sea Challenge commitment. We share their story to inspire others.

Pilot investment in Gdansk

Energy-efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment concept

One of the IWAMA pilot investments supporting the smart energy management is a combined anammox-constructed wetland pilot-plant in Gdańsk, Poland. As the plant has almost finished installing the purchased equipment and soon will be ready to start testing, we are sharing their pilot solution.

Automating treatment and complying with standards

Summary from the second webinar organized in IWAMA on 23 May 2017. The webinar featured presentations on automation of operation and technical safety management.

Smart water sector session

The Baltic Sea needs smart water sector

The 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region took place in Berlin on 13–14 June 2017. During the Forum, the IWAMA project was presented in two sessions – read the summary from the event.

Exemplary energy efficiency introduced in Szczecin

The 3rd Capacity Development Workshop focused on the theme “Energy efficiency in WWT”. The workshop was organized in Szczecin, Poland on 7–8 June 2017.

Students on Grevesmühlen WWTP

Self-sufficient energy production on WWTP in Grevesmühlen

The last audit of the series planned for February – June 2017: we visit Grevesmühlen. Read the article to know how the plant looks like, what were the main challenges for the student audit group, and what is this all about.

Student audit team in Tartu

How do we perform the auditing of the plants

Latest news from the student audit group that visited three plants in Latvia and Estonia on 8–11 May 2017 and elaboration of how a typical audit day looks for our audit team.

Testing methods on lifelong learning

Estonian national knowledge-based communitiy EVEL (Estonian Waterworks Association) shares experience on organizing a piloting seminar “Operators’ Experiences”.

Reaching efficient performance on Wschód WWTP

During the last week of April the IWAMA student audit group met in Gdańsk, Poland for the third wave of audits.