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IWAMA aims at improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region by developing the capacity of the wastewater treatment operators and implementing pilot investments to increase the energy efficiency and advance the sludge handling.
  • IWAMA Final Publication

    IWAMA Final Publication describes the Baltic Sea protection commitments finalized by the IWAMA partners.

    Read about the achievements of our partners and get inspired to take proactive role in protecting the sensitive environment of the Baltic Sea!

    Available in English and Swedish, more translations coming soon.

  • Tested training materials on smart energy and sludge management

    Capacity development actions in IWAMA aimed at increasing the opportunities for lifelong learning in the field of the wastewater management, particularly for WWTP operators.

    Read the report on lifelong learning in the region, check an interactive package with training materials for wastewater management, and play the WWTP game!

  • Key figure data for energy and sludge benchmark

    Comparative benchmarks demonstrating wastewater treatment performance in the Baltic Sea Region in terms of energy efficiency and sludge handling.

    Get familiar with the reports! Latvian, Polish, Russian and German translations are added.

  • Audit concept for smart energy and sludge management

    The audit tools and smart energy and sludge management were developed to measure the effectiveness of the process applied at wastewater treatment plants and outline the potential for improvements of these plants.

    Download the tools and apply them to adjust energy consumption and sludge handling at your WWTP!

    Energy management audit tool currently available in English, translations coming soon. Sludge management audit tool available in English, Estonian, German, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish and Russian.

  • Baltic Smart Water Hub

    Baltic Smart Water Hub is a multifunctional online portal connecting water experts in the region.

    Browse the Hub to find good practices, technical solutions and tools for smart water management, and submit your case to promote your excellence in the Baltic Sea Region!


  • Participants of the event

    IWAMA project results discussed with Estonian stakeholders

    Estonian national event "IWAMA final seminar and sludge compost certification" was held in Saku, Estonia on 11 April 2019 to disseminate project results and lessons learned to local stakeholders.

    Presentations from the event introducing IWAMA project and recent trends in water management are available in Estonian.

  • Novel technologies, legal requirements and knowledge exchange discussed in Lithuania

    The national dissemination event for spreading information about IWAMA project to local stakeholders – seminar "New solutions for water management" was held in Kaunas, Lithuania on 5 April 2019.

  • Collaboration and opportunities for future water and sludge management

    The Swedish national dissemination event was held in Kalmar, Sweden, on 10 April 2019 under the topic of Collaboration and opportunities for future water and sludge management: focus on IWAMA project.

    Presentations from the event introducing IWAMA project and recent trends in water management are available in Swedish.

Capacity development activities in IWAMA enable structured lifelong learning and expertise exchange of specialists working in wastewater treatment.

One of the IWAMA aims is applying energy efficient technologies in the wastewater treatment sector to reduce nutrient impact in the Baltic Sea Region.

Smart sludge management is an important step to reducing loads of nutrients and hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea.

Involvement for the clean Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Challenge network promotes awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea and inspires organizations in the region to join the initiative to make the shared sea resource clean and productive.