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Last year the IWAMA project joined BSR WATER — Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation. The platform project aims to enhance continuous cross-sectoral cooperation in smart water management providing a possibility for transnational experience exchange, sharing of good practices and solutions, as well as delivering comprehensive overview of the current and future policy contexts and their impacts in the BSR countries.

BSR WATER platform brings together prominent and influential projects relevant to its topic of knowledge exchange for improving the state of the Baltic Sea, developing smart water policies and management. The platform consortium unites IWAMA and six other projects focusing on wastewater treatment, stormwater management, management of nutrients and exploring climate adaptation methods (IWAMA, Manure Standards, Village Waters, BEST, Reviving Baltic Resilience, iWater, CliPLivE – read more about these projects).

Impact on the regional policies

BSR WATER fosters transnational cooperation and integration among water sector experts on different levels, facilitating the regional policy dialog on sustainable water management and engaging practitioners in continuous expertise exchange. The outcomes and practical findings of the contributing projects support the long-term development of regional environmental policy and recommendations that will further strengthen policy-practice link in implementation of advanced water protection measures, including smart nutrient management and sludge handling, storm water management and energy efficiency cycle at national and municipal levels.

Contribute by filling the questionnaire on stormwater management in your city
We would be thrilled if many cities of the Baltic Sea Region contributed to the development of policy recommendations for sustainable urban stormwater management! HELCOM, with support from BSR WATER, develops those and needs your input – use this chance to influence regional stormwater regulations and make your city voice heard!

Implementing smart measures

One of the IWAMA outputs is taken up further in BSR WATER, which continues developing an online water management portal Baltic Smart Water Hub enabling knowledge exchange. An open access portal promoting most recent good practices, technical solutions and tools covers four water sections: fresh-, sea-, storm and wastewater. The Hub allows wide dissemination of piloted practices and instruments leading to the growing professional capacity of operators and further implementation of smart management of water resources in the Baltic Sea Region.

Check recent cases and connect with water experts on the Baltic Smart Water Hub
The constantly expanded collection of cases in smart water management presents expertise developed in different organizations and companies, and through various transnational projects. For example, all investments of IWAMA are proudly introduced via the Hub – but also more other examples of water operation and management!

Stay tuned!

With IWAMA ending, don’t miss further developments and engage in smart water community – follow BSR WATER platform news!

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We publish there both events of the platform and other relevant events in the region where you can discuss smart water sector with us. Let's get in touch!

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