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The event "IWAMA final seminar and sludge compost certification" was held in Saku, Estonia on 11 April 2019. The event was organized by the Estonian Waterworks Association (EVEL) to disseminate project results and lessons learned to local stakeholders. In addition to IWAMA project, the event program was supplemented with the results of sludge compost certification projects lead by Estonian University of Life Sciences and University of Tartu.

The dissemination event aimed to present the current situation in water management around the Baltic Sea Region, discuss new purification methods and technologies, policy improvements, and introduce IWAMA project outputs and results to the local stakeholders. The seminar attracted 60 representatives from WWTPs, local authorities, national water bodies, small water management companies and universities.

IWAMA project was introduced by two partners EVEL and University of Tartu. EVEL’s role in the project focused greatly on mainstreaming capacity development activities towards Estonian water sector stakeholders as well as developing of national lifelong learning practices with the support of IWAMA project outputs (Training Materials Package, Baltic Smart Water Hub, introduction of new technology from pilot investments). University of Tartu introduced recent trends in smart sludge management and latest policy updates related to the topic as well as the IWAMA project investments implemented in Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

The audience was very interested to learn about the IWAMA developed audit tools for smart energy and sludge management (Estonian translation of the audit tool for smart sludge management available!), technical details of implemented pilots in different WWTPs as well as the regional benchmark for smart energy and sludge handling in wastewater treatment. The most exciting part of the seminar was the introduction of the WWTP game.

"This was exactly what we need to attract more operators and students," shared the audience their feedback.


Presentations from the event (in Estonian)

Lauri Lagle, Sander Sepp | IWAMA projekti tutvustus ja saavutatud eesmärgid

Siiri Velling, Kati Klein | IWAMA investeeringute ülevaade

Jan Raudsepp | IWAMA investeering – Türi Vesi OÜ

Kaido Põhako | IWAMA investeering – Tartu Veevärk AS

Taavo Tenno | Reoveepuhastite energiatõhususest

Markus Raudkivi | Nutikas settekäitlus

Markus Raudkivi | BSR WATER platform

Margit Rüütelmann | Jäätmetest saavad tooted läbi sertifitseerimisprotsessi. Reoveesette sertifitseerimine

Andres Liiv | Aunkompostimine ja jäätmestaatuse lakkamine

Taavo Tenno | Reoveesette tootestamise võimalused Eesti vee-ettevõtetes