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IWAMA project started back in March 2016 – with ambitious goals and results we wanted to achieve to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. After three intensive years of joint implementation of activities in ten countries, testing and learning from each other, we are extremely happy and proud to share a wide collection of produced outputs with our colleagues in the region. Equipped with strong partnership enthusiastic to bring the change to their workplace and the region; with a steadily expanding pool of external stakeholders closely involved in cooperation we are ready to overcome water challenges across the borders.

IWAMA Final Publication

IWAMA Final Publication describes the Baltic Sea protection commitments finalized by the IWAMA partners.

Read about the achievements of our partners and get inspired to take proactive role in protecting the sensitive environment of the Baltic Sea!

Available in English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Swedish!

Pilot investment: Advanced control in Grevesmuhlen wastewater treatment plant

Project activities related to Grevesmühlen WWTP have been carried out by two project partners: with the investment hosted by the plant, a decision making tool for optimized process operation and mass flow management has been prepared by the aqua & waste International GmbH company. To calibrate the developed tool, Grevesmühlen WWTP launched investigation of the process under varying conditions, focusing particularly on thermal hydrolysis.

Audit concept for smart energy and sludge management

The audit tools and smart energy and sludge management were developed to measure the effectiveness of the process applied at wastewater treatment plants and outline the potential for improvements of these plants.

Download the tools and apply them to adjust energy consumption and sludge handling at your WWTP!

Energy self audit tool and Smart sludge management audit tool are available in English, Estonian, German, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish and Russian.

This summer we have published two massive project works: reports on key figure data collection in energy and sludge from wastewater treatment plants in the Baltic Sea Region.

Pilot investment: Combined anammox-constructed wetland pilot-plant in Gdansk wastewater treatment plant

Investment in Gdansk aims to develop and test energy efficient and cost-effective concept uniting processes that require low energy consumption treatment. The investment includes a combined anammox-constructed wetland pilot plant and additional energy meters installed at the WWTP. The examined technology focuses on minimizing energy consumption for the removal of organics and nutrients while maximizing recovery of organic matter from wastewater to produce renewable energy.

Pilot investment: Energy optimized control of large wastewater treatment plant in Kaunas

The pilot investment involves installing the online nitrogen measurement devices to be used for monitoring nitrogen concentration in the aeration tanks, as well as installing the mass airflow sensors to measure air flow to the aeration tanks to allow advanced process automatization and programming for energy optimization of the blowers.