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The 1st webinar of the project features a range of presentations and following discussions. The first hour is reserved for introducing the development of the idea for the IWAMA project and presenting the current state of capacity building in the course of it. The second hour is focused on the presentation of resource efficiency in the wastewater treatment sphere.

Please join the webinar on 9 December at 09.00 +1 GMT here: connect.funet.fi/iwama/


9.00 Welcome to the Webinar & program

Olena Zinchuk, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission

9.05 State of art based on previous projects

Agnieszka Ilola, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission

9:45 Capacity Development right now

Sami Luste, Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS)

10.00 Enhancing energy and resource efficiency in waste water treatment

Anna Mikola, PhD, Aalto University