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Audit tools for smart energy and sludge management

The audit tools were developed to measure the effectiveness of the process applied at wastewater treatment plants and outline the potential for improvements of these plants. The audit tools provide an opportunity for operators to perform self-auditing at their WWTPs, and thereby enhance the energy efficiency of the treatment, improve sludge handling, and detect measures for both short and long-term improvement of the treatment process.

The audit tools analyse efficiency and feasibility of smart energy and sludge management taking into account such factors as full process analysis, on-site energy measurements, sludge handling technology and flows, energy and chemical consumption, automatic calculations of operational parameters and others. Most of the results are shown in comparison with the data collected for the benchmark, which enables comparability of the achieved values with other plants and developed benchmarks in the Baltic Sea Region.

First energy and sludge management audits in order to develop the audit tools were performed on 9 WWTPs (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany).

The audit concept considers regional and technological peculiarities, which increases the potential of practical application of the tool. Based on achieved results, WWTPs can obtain knowledge about important operational parameters and possibilities for the improvement of the process including optimisations leading to higher energy production, lower energy consumption and reducing loads of hazardous substances and nutrients in the effluent.


Smart energy management

Download: Smart Energy Management Self Audit tool
(EN, EE, DE, FI, LV, LT, PL, SE, RU)


Smart Energy Management Audit concept: combined audit reports


Guidelines for using the Smart Energy Management Self Audit tool


Smart sludge management

Download: Smart Sludge Management Audit (SSMA) tool
(EN, EE, DE, FI, LV, LT, PL, SE, RU)


Smart Sludge Management Audit concept and tool: development and results


Guildelines for using the Smart Sludge Management Audit (SSMA) tool



Baltic Smart Water Hub: Check the SEMSA (energy audit concept) case

Check the SSMA (sludge audit concept) case