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Pilot investment: Reject-water treatment system in Tartu wastewater treatment plant

Tartu Waterworks Company is the second biggest municipal wastewater treatment plant in Estonia and one of the many WWTPs in the Baltic Sea Region where anaerobic digestion of sludge is applied. There, a full-scale deammonification technology was developed and installed with regard to demonstrate in-situ start-up of deammonification without external seed.

Audit concept for smart energy and sludge management

The audit tools and smart energy and sludge management were developed to measure the effectiveness of the process applied at wastewater treatment plants and outline the potential for improvements of these plants.

Download the tools and apply them to adjust energy consumption and sludge handling at your WWTP!

Energy self audit tool and Smart sludge management audit tool are available in English, Estonian, German, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish and Russian.

Audit meeting 3

The plant operators and WP leaders from Technical University of Berlin and University of Tartu have gathered last week in Berlin to discuss the results, receive feedback and agree on contents of the Audit Reports that are part of the upcoming smart audit concept outputs. 

The 4th IWAMA workshop on Smart Sludge Management was organized in Tartu, Estonia, on 8–9 February 2018. The workshop brought together more than 95 participants representing regional organizations, national ministries, universities and local practitioners to discuss sludge handling issues in the Baltic Sea Region.

Student audit team in Tartu

Latest news from the student audit group that visited three plants in Latvia and Estonia on 8–11 May 2017 and elaboration of how a typical audit day looks for our audit team.