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The Baltic Water Works Conference 2017 is organized in Liepāja, Latvia on 19 May 2017 by the Latvian water and wastewater works association. The event is primarily focused on the Baltic States, but covers a larger European area in presentations and participants.

The extensive agenda of the event includes a great number of presentations addressing water experts. Themes cover not only the situation in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but also examples from the Netherlands and the general European level. The event will explore the water safety matters, approaches to legislation and tariffing, sustainability strategies in the water sphere, and many others.

IWAMA will be presented during the Conference by Agnieszka Ilola, the communications coordinator of our project.

Join the Baltic Water Works Conference!

More information in English to be published closer to the event, information in the Latvian language can be found on the website of the Latvian water and wastewater works association: http://www.lwwwwa.lv/