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As the project activities proceed entering the third period of implementation, the auditing of energy and sludge management at IWAMA WWTPs continues. This time two of the smart enegry piloting plants have been visited by the student team on 13–14 March 2017 – one in Kaunas, Lithuania, and one in Daugavpils, Latvia.

The auditing team meticulously investigated treatment processes at both plants and interviewed the operators, technologists and electricians. Recording of detailed energy measurements for particular treatment segments has been initiated and will be up-kept by the staff for some time. The team also collected necessary sludge samples which would be further analysed by the University of Tartu.

The hosting water companies expressed high hopes for the outcomes of the audit process and were pleased to meet and guide enthusiastic young researchers coming from different countries of the Baltic Sea Region.

The next destination for the auditing team shall be Gdansk on 1012 April 2017.