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The final webinar of the IWAMA project was organized on 9 April 2018. The webinar focused on the topic of Pre- and post-treatment, which was introduced by the specialists from Sweden and Germany.

The presentation of the pre-treatment stage was delivered by Regine Ullman from Kalmar Vatten AB. Under the topic “The FAST-process and sieves at Kalmar WWTP – effective pre-treatment for a nitrogen reduction plant”, the presentation introduced the wastewater treatment plant in Kalmar, the FAST-process implemented there, as well as the issue of sieves used for screening. With the FAST-process explained, it was emphasized that its usage allowed the plant to optimise particle reduction, improve settling characteristics of produced flocs and increase the percentage of soluble organic matter going to the biological stage of treatment. Further, installing sieves resulted in the reduction of organic content in screens, less scrap in primary sludge leading to better functioning of gravity thickener, and other benefits.

The presentation by Matthias Barjenbruch from the Technical University of Berlin introduced the post-treatment aspect: advanced removal of phosphorus. With nutrient emissions influencing the increase in algae growth leading to oxygen deficiency in the sea, it is important to prevent the eutrophication by limiting the emissions of phosphorus and nitrogen on the WWTPs. The presentation opened up possibilities and principles of chemical and biological phosphorus removal, as well as operational results of testing such; various filtration systems were also introduced.

All webinars in the course of the IWAMA project were organized by the project’s capacity development leader Lahti University of Applied Sciences.