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For the project implementation, IWAMA has planned four webinars, and afterwards one more special “holiday edition” session was organized on 4 December to discuss not only smart operation and management of WWTPs, but also the possibilities of organizing co-operation in this sector.

The presentation by Peter Hartwig from the Aqua consult IngenieurGmbH “Industrial wastewaters and (municipal) wastewater treatment plants” touched upon the structure of industrial wastewater treatment and the cooperation of municipal wastewater treatment plants with industries. Prof. Hartwig presented several points that should be taken into consideration for the industrial treatment process: what are the main components participating in this process, how are industrial wastewaters discharged and treated, what is the location of a pretreatment plant and who operates it. There are many parameters influencing both the quality of treated waters and their costs. Multiple examples from different plants were introduced during the presentation.

Following this presentation, Panu Jouhkimo from the development company Miksei introduced “Symbiosis via water economy platform – Case Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM)”. The Blue Economy Mikkeli focuses on several topics: wastewater and water recycling processes, renewable energy solutions and testing advanced water technologies. Finding synergies between business sector and wastewater treatment operators, involving leading universities from the area, the presented case highlights benefits of the public-private partnerships such as BEM in the city of Mikkeli.

You can find the materials from the webinar here.